wind dead aft

Michael Hughes and Ger White
Tue 21 Apr 2020 10:27

On our third day at sea. All is well.

We have a moderate wind, around 13 knots, from dead aft---so the main is stowed away and we have the chute out to starboard and the genoa poled out to port. Plus a token mizzen! Seems to work well giving us a speed just over 6 knots without too much fuss. We expect the wind to veer sometime this afternoon, so no doubt some sail changes before sunset. And tomorrow not much wind, likely motoring, before the wind picks up again Thursday.

Over 300 miles done, all under sail, so not too bad!

There’s a bit of a swell and rolling, but ok, even had a shower this morning! And sleep is ok---haven’t yet had to give up the main bed for a sea berth—likely that will be Thursday.

The ocean is very empty---a few cargo ships on AIS, otherwise zippo.