Moving on in Sumatra

Michael Hughes and Ger White
Wed 2 Apr 2014 11:47
We spent nearly a week chilling on a mooring off Rubiah island and the village of Iboih on Pulau Weh. Lots of snorkelling--the coral is no longer world class, some nice places but much of it bleached by warming seas, but great fish life, colourful reef fish and some larger fish. Ashore every day for a meal--excellent fish. But no beer! Aceh is very Muslim in that regard. But everyone is really friendly. It's a friendly, laid back and very safe place.
But all good things come to an end. We needed to start heading south towards Simeleu island, where Michele Moran is joining the crew on the 10th. So we were off at 0800 today for a 45 mile sail to an anchorage on mainland Sumatra called Seudu--where we are now. Some nice sailing, but much of the day under engine as very little wind before midday.
Tomorrow we plan to sail to Pulau Raya.
Sumatra is as beguiling as much of Indonesia. Mountainous, very green, semi active volcanos, fishermen in small boats, very basic houses, sudden thunderstorms, smiling children whose English is limited to two words--Manchester United! Lovely people.
All is well on board Simanderal.

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