Michael Hughes and Ger White
Wed 11 May 2011 22:59
We've been cruising the Whitsundays for the last week--and will be for a few days yet. Nights anchored at Brampton Island, Goldsmith Island, Shaw Island, Lindeman Island, off Whitehaven Beach on Whitsunday Island, a night in the marina on Hamilton Island and currently in a lovely protected anchorage --Nara Inlet on Hook Island.
Although we had some poor weather for a couple od days--regular rain and cloud--the last few days have been back to blue skies and great sailing winds.
This is Australia's--and one of the world's--favourite cruising grounds--and rightly so--short passages--the whole area is about 60 miles square--over 70 islands--mostly green and forested--coral reefs, thousands of beaches and hundreds of very sheltered anchorages--our problem is deciding which ones to go to. Lots of bush walks ashore through the forests. Mostly pretty undeveloped, though Hamilton Island is a world class resort.
Must stop--we're off to Butterfly Bay today--a 3 hour sail--to do some reef snorkelling.
We plan to be in Airlie on the 16th and then we start the slow sail north towards the top of Australia, inside the Barrier Reef and anchoring overnight on the way.