Musket Cove

Michael Hughes and Ger White
Fri 23 Jul 2010 22:16
Well it's Saturday and here we are still at Musket Cove--been here since Monday, and it's going to be hard to leave!!
This is our first visit to a proper marina since we left the Caribbean in January--though we did moor stern to docks in Tahiti and SavuSavu.
So it's a luxury to be able to step off the boat ashore and to be plugged into water and power.
Added to which this is a 5 star resort island--restaurants, spa, swimming pools etc etc.
And added to that Andrew and Emma have rented a large villa on the island with 8 other friends from Oz, so we see a lot of them and spend time in the villa--with it's toys--kayaks etc.
Hard to leave!!
But on Monday we'll likely head on to Vanuatu--4 days sailing--if weather permits. At the moment the forecasts are for pretty strong winds--but from the right direction--which would mean a very fast passage--but if the forecasts change to stronger winds we may delay a bit. Can't delay too long--we're due in Oz before 20 August so we can tidy up the boat and haul out in the boatyard before we fly back to UK at the end of the month.
And with the end of the cruise less than a month away I'm beginning to get an 'end of term' feeling!!
It will be hard to get back to sailing routine after a week of luxury--but we will get more sleep fron here to Oz--Nigel, who crossed the Atlantic with us in 2007, joined us yesterday to help with the final passages, so the night watches will be split 3 ways rather than 2. Welcome aboard!
All is good!