Michael Hughes and Ger White
Tue 6 Sep 2011 15:00
We spent 4 days moored in Medana Bay on mainland Lombok followed by another 4 days anchored off Gili Air, one of the small "gili islands" off the N/W coast of Lombok. Spent longer there than we had plannned--enjoyed it! Those who know say Gili Air is like Bali 30 years ago--pretty laid back, nice restaurants ashore, lovely beaches and clean water. And it's all so wonderfully cheap compared to Australia--an hour's massage for under £7 and a great meal with drinks for less than that! So we're gradually going native.
Whilst on Lombok, we took a car and driver for a day to see some of the island. Parts of it are developing from tourism spinning out of Bali--the next door island. Other parts still poor and original Indonesia. You know where you are by the quality of the toilets--from the sublime to the ridiculous!
But by 3 September, it was more than time to move on west--to Bali, where we are now ar anchor in Lovina Bay. Nice town--though too many hawkers--a general problem in Bali. Today we went with a car & driver to Ubud--the cultural heart of Bali--visiting temples etc on the way. Such a contrast between people labouring in the rice paddy fields of the countryside and the tourist traffic in Ubud. Great day out--highlight for me was visit to the Antonio Blanco museum--  the Dali of Bali--wonderful paintings which I loved, though Ger thought his boob fixation was a bit heavy! Look him up on the internet if not familiar.
We have a few more days on Bali, before we head for Borneo.
All is well