Sabah, Borneo

Michael Hughes and Ger White
Sat 11 Aug 2012 11:03
06:07.9N  118:02.4E
Our exploration of Sabah continues. We arrived in Kudat on 4 August, having sailed round the northern tip of Borneo the previous day. We spent 3 days there--not a lot to see in the town, but we hired a car and driver for a day and saw some of the surrounding countryside--rainforest, palm oil plantations etc. and visited a "longhouse"---the traditional style of housinf hereabouts, built on stilts--mainly for air circulation--of bamboo, thatch etc.  They are called longhouses because--they are long! Up to 50 families may live in one, each with their own rooms off a coomon veranda that runs the whole length of the house--maybe 200 metres long!
We left Kudat on 8 August and since then have been making our way to Sandakan--expect to arrive there tomorrow---in a series of day sails and island anchorages--this coast is shallow, and dotted with islands, reefs and sand spits. We spent a couple of days on Langkaya island--good snorkelling in the coral reefs---some nice coral and plenty of fish of all sizes.
And after Sandakan, we plan to head up one of Borneo's major rivers, into the rainforest--that is if we can get over the shallows at the river estuary!!!