St Barts

Michael Hughes and Ger White
Sat 21 Mar 2009 23:51
well here we are in St Barts--indeed we've been here for nearly a week, so it's about time I updated the blog!!
We crossed from Anguilla on the 17th--a fairly uneventful passage--our departure from Anguilla delayed a little as I chased down customs to clear out--probably needn't have bothered as the authorities in Barts take a laid back attitude, looking at neither clearance out nor passports--a sensible view of the world which recognises all we want to do is spend some time and money on their beautiful island--which of course it is!!
Barts is little changed from last year--the sun shines, the beaches are lovely etc. What has changed is the value of sterling against the euro--it was expensive last year--now it's !!!!!!! Just like old times, we have a basket case currency! Good old Gordon Brown and his management of the economy.
Nuff of that or I'll get depressed--we're still enjoying the wandering life--new languages, people,cultures etc. What's more we have a prized mooring right in the inner harbour in Gustavia--supposedly impossible to get, but I saw one free yesterday, asked the Port authority if I could take it --and after a bit of French humming, he agreed--so we moved in from the anchorage and we're right in the centre of things!!
We'll spend another couple of days here--then off to St Eustatius--Statia--which we didn't visit last year and which is Dutch--and I think very different to Barts.