16:14.51N 36:17.54W

Michael Hughes and Ger White
Sun 23 Dec 2018 12:02

What a difference a day makes! While the forecast continues to indicate lighter winds—and yesterday it was down to 8 knots for a time—around 2100 last night the wind shifted 20 degrees north and got up to 12 knots. This gave us a good broad reach on starboard tack. Took the genoa in fro it’s starboard side pole, left the cruising chute out to port and made good progress through the night making around 8 knots in winds from 12 to 16 knots. Sea still moderate. We’re not sure it will continue—wind sometimes lessens and shifts further east and the latest forecast is still for less wind---but we’re hopeful!


Caught another mahi mahi yesterday but concluded it might be diseased so threw away—better safe than sore!

Otherwise little to report, we’re still bowling along at 7 knots plus, the sun is shining, it’s getting warmer by the day, I had a nice shower today, watermaker doing its job, fridges all working, good food, reading a lot---what’s not to like? 1430 miles to go!