06:27.5N 096:10.5E Nearing Sumatra

Michael Hughes and Ger White
Mon 24 Mar 2014 07:50
Well, the sun still shines and the wind still blows. I had expected a fairly slow passage, mixture of decent sailing winds and lack of wind----but in the event we’ve had a good 15 knots plus wind for the last
24 hours.  So to avoid arriving at night---it’s a deep, crowded anchorage at Sabang, and the charts are maybe half a mile out, so i don’t plan a night entry----I’ve had to slow the boat down to 4 knots to arrive
around dawn. A TINY scrap of headsail seems to be driving us on at 4 knots which seems incredible!
The last 24 hours have passed without incident, with the wind between 15 and 20 knots from a steady ENE direction, a nice dinner, about 5 hours sleep each---if only we weren’t rolling like a pig life would be great!
A few clouds now forming and maybe some rain tonight I think—which in this part of the world comes with electrical storms----my least favourite weather! But hope not.
we should be anchored in Sabang by 0800 tomorrow—doubt if i’ll send a blog---we’ll have to deal with officials without scruples—immigration, customs, health, port control—you name it they’ll all likely
want a bottle of whisky! And when we’ve satisfied them, a long sleep for us!