2nd December

Michael Hughes and Ger White
Sun 2 Dec 2007 15:16
Allowed ourslves a can of beer at lunch today........we clocked just over 1000 miles at noon ( ie in seven days ) and crossed 30 degrees west ( clocks go back an hour every 15 degrees ) and less than 20 degrees north.Its now 1750 miles as the crow flies to St Lucia, though with wind direction determining our course we will cover more miles but we feel we're well over a third of the way.
Lumpy night last night.......the autopilot cut out twice when it couldn't deal with the wind/wave pressure. Makes for an interesting night when heaved out of bunk rapido to get the boat back under control.  Currently doing 7 knots in steady breeze under weak sun. No other boats sighted for three days and abit. Crew running sweep on how many days in toto before we see one.
Boat Gigi picked up two non ARC sailors today from a liferaft ! They had abandoned their Westerly Corsair when the chain plates broke away and they were in danger of dismasting and had no engine power. The Spanish navy picked up the refugee boat and the two yachts standing by have recommenced their voyage.
Food holding out well, still have fresh fruit and veg and have been eating casseroles, curry and fish pie - but not ones we've caught, thats still an ongoing project.
Next two days forecast reasonable to light winds then it picks up again.