West Timor

Michael Hughes and Ger White
Tue 26 Jul 2011 02:12
1030 am Indonesia time--Tuesday 26th July
We're now 10 miles off the coast of West Timor, with 45 miles to go to the Kupang anchorage. And it's splendid sailing weather--a very broad reach in 18 to 20 knots wind, good vis and lots of sunshine--indeed we haven't seen a drop of rain in 6 weeks!!
Until last night I couldn't expect to make the anchorage before nightfall--generally the wind dies down at night--but around midnight this stronger wind, and a wind shift, gave us a kick forward--we've been averaging 8 knots ever since--still are--and unless it all goes pear shaped over the next few hours, we should be anchoring before sunset. Which is great!  I expect we'll be too late to clear quarantine, so won't be able to go ashore---but a good night's sleep will be great.
I had expected a slow passage with lots of engine on this trip--so I'm delighted that we've managed to sail all the way--and at a good speed--despite some frustrations over the first 24 hours with light winds and wind shifts which kept us on our toes--and a few broken off-watches!!
All is well on board, and we look forward to Indonesia--it will be a great contrast to Australia, despite the proximity!