Nearing the Fiji islands

Michael Hughes and Ger White
Tue 6 Jul 2010 20:32
As expected, the wind died on us yesterday and we had to resort to the engine for 18 hours. However at 0330 this morning--on Ger's watch--the wind suddenly reappeared from the south and we've been sailing ever since--not a big wind but enough to push us along averaging over 6 knots which will get us into SavuSavu tomorrow. There's a big, long swell coming up from the south, but seas are benign so it's a nice sail at the moment and I just hope the wind will stay with us--the forecast was for less of it than we have!
Otherwise it's the chores as ever--making water, generating power when needed, Ger's washing up after a nice breakfast and the daily SSB radio net starts in half an hour--lots of chat and we find out where everyone else is.
And on that topic, unusually we've been sailing just in sight of another yacht for the last 24 hours--though we've passed it and soon it will drop behind over the horizon. On most of our passages we've kept a good lookout and never seen a thing!
Reading up about Fiji--we'll be there for over 2 weeks--joined by Andrew and Emma for much of it. The islands sound interesting--it's spread out across a wide area--we'll pass the first island early afternoon, and then have about 20 hours sailing amongst the islands to our destination.
All's well on board