5th December

Michael Hughes and Ger White
Wed 5 Dec 2007 12:58
Flying fish landing on deck now........one at supper time a day ago hit the windshield behind Ger giving a bit of a shock. Another on deck each of the last mornings. Still none on the lines despite varying the lures we're using........we live in hope.
Winds 15 to 20 knots from behind and forecast to go up to 25. Means we're making 6.5 to 7 knots.Wind forecast to lats til early next week Poled out genoa and main during the day , headsail only at night. Too strong for the chute..Real rolling motion especially under headsail only.
The midnight cakeeaters have moved on to the goody jar ! Picking up a Penguin seems to be the favourite. Still have fresh fruit and veg which has lasted wlell til now. Getting waarmer, T Shirt only on night watch, but also more humid.
Very few sightings of other boats but we occasionally hear them on VHF which means some are only 20 miles away.
Passed half way during the night and looking to pass 45 degrees during Friday ( St L is justs over 60 degrees and Las P was 15 ) so two thirds of the way.