Somewhere in the Pacific

Michael Hughes and Ger White
Wed 9 Jun 2010 21:31
We're about half way from Bora Bora to Raratonga--expect to arrive there Friday morning.
And here we are in the middle of the world's greatest ocean----and there's no damn wind!! We started the engine finally at 2300 hrs last night when the wind had dropped below 6 knots--and the forecast suggests we'll be under engine the rest of the way. Boo!!
But on the good side, the sea is benign, it's a beautiful day--hardly a cloud in the sky--there are no squalls--no other vessels to worry about--we even have the table up for meals. The nights are noticeably cooler--indeed I'll put on long sleeves for the watch tonight for the first time since November. It is of course mid-winter here--though you wouldn't know it during the day--and we're heading further south--away from the equator.
All's well