Michael Hughes and Ger White
Fri 1 Jun 2012 06:08
We arrived at Tioman island on Wednesday after a somewhat boring passage of 35 miles from Pulau Aur--no wind at all, so engine all the way! There is a small marina here, built perhaps 5 years ago, but already falling into disrepair!  A phone call indicated there might be space for us---but there again there might not! Come in and have a look! Seem to be no staff on site and it's first come first served.
So we entered the somewhat tight marina cautiously--maybe 35 berths and all looked taken as far as we could see, but we slowly motored along the pontoon and found a space at the end free---occupied by a dinghy, but easily moved to let us in.  So here we are! Nicely moored--occassional electricity! Our problem will be getting back out again if the wind gets up--not helped by the fact that many taxi boats moor up here overnight at this end of the marina, and block you in.
But I can think of worse places to spend unintended time.
Not a lot sophisticated about the place, but there are good cheap restaurants,  nice beaches, warm water, some provisions---and duty free beer & wine---this island, like Langkawi, is duty free!
Yesterday we took a water taxi to another village further north--Ayer Batang--for lunch etc. No road--just a path through the village--and a nice walk back to the marina via the "museum" which is a good display about marine life. But, boy, was it a hot day---inside the boat was 38 degrees when we got back!
And having eaten at the recommended BBQ restaurant the previous evening, we ate at the also recommended Chinese restaurant---after a couple of beers with other cruisers at Captain Kerk's bar--a small hut with plastic tables & chairs outside, where the sailing community seem to congregate before dinner----the Captain serves very cold, and cheap, beer---and to Ger's delight, wine as well!!
Today is swimming and snorkelling.
I think we'll stay awhile.