Cartagena here we come

Michael Hughes and Ger White
Sat 19 Dec 2009 16:05
Whilst we had originally thought we might get to Cartagena, Colombia for Xmas, we had until a few days ago, decided to spend it in Aruba. The journey across the south-west Caribbean is generally reckoned to be a difficult one at this time of year--I quote " the 5th worst passage in the world"--so we were planning on waiting in Aruba for a good weather window.  However watching the weather patterns and forecasts over the last week it was clear that the weather would be abnormally quiet between now and Xmas--so decision taken to hop over from Bonaire to Curascao for 24 hours--quick visit and some provisioning--and then set off on ther "long one"--430 miles from Curacao to Cartagena.
As I write, we have done the first 135 miles--almost a third of the way--and are about 20 miles off the Colombian coast--sun and moderate winds, though we're rolling a bit in an average Caribbean swell.
ETA Cartagena is Monday afternoon--though if I reckon we can't make it by dusk, there's an anchorage 50 miles short which we'll use overnight and arrive Tuesday.
So, Xmas (and New Year) in Cartagena after all!!
We enjoyed our week in Bonaire--did a dive on the reef with an instructor to brush up our diving skills--not used for some time. And I bought the full Scuba gear so I can dive under the boatg if the need arises--which it will as I'll need to change the anodes in the Pacific and won't have to haul out to do so. Also hired a car and saw a bit of the island--well, most of it--it's not large. Bonaire is a great place for diving, kite surfing, windsurfing etc.  Lovely and relaxed.
Well must stop and check the navigation.