In the Islands

Michael Hughes and Ger White
Thu 28 Jun 2012 05:33
We've just spent about a week in various anchorages in the Redang and Pehrentian islands---north of Terengganu---lovely clear water and lots of good snorkelling with the reef fish, turtles and, in places, beautiful corals. Along with Kapas island, our best experience of Malaysian islands.
We headed up to Redang on 20th--only about 30 miles, sailing all the way in light winds and calm sea--and, of course, hot sunshine. We anchored in the bay on the north of the island--a good anchorage on sand. The east side of the bay had some good coral and lots of fish life. Beautiful beach, quiet on one side, a posh resort on the other--nice walk through the jungle to the other side of the island--past some large angry monkeys screeching at us!!
On the 23rd, we had another nice sail--just over 20 miles--up to Pehrentian Kecil island--anchored off Long Beach--again a good anchorage---but this island is clearly a backpacker party place--lots of bars and restaurants on the beach--busy--and buzzy--and music until near dawn!! More like Thailand than <Malaysia--perhaps not surprising as very close to the Thai border. But good for swimming and snorkelling--and eating ashore!
And on 25th, a quick sail up to the Rawa group of islands, just north of Kecil, to do some snorkelling on the reef--then back to Pehrentian Besar for the night. Lovely bay and beach--and much quieter than Kecil--indeed the retaurants were all TT--Islamic Malaysia without a hint of Thai!!
We're now back in Terengganu, sorting out a few issues--principally getting our alternator working again--it stopped working as we arrived in Redang. And we have now to wait here for some spares to arrive before we cross to Borneo.