Blog 12 translated

Katarina og Hallstein på tur - Nå med SY Sana
Hallstein Moerk
Thu 8 Jun 2017 19:39

Hello again friends,

Kuringvågen was outstanding as you can see from the pictures. We’ll be coming back to spend at least one day there. At Kuringvågen people dry their own dryfish and have also opened a cafe/restaurant and accommodation. Of course we had to take a pint in the evening sun before we left again. We are now so far north that the sun hardly sets, which means it's basically always light out. It’s lovely, despite my bed’s complaints of abandonment (it’s easy to forget about the clock here).

We departed at 08:45 this morning after another large breakfast in a sun-spilled cockpit. We were the second to last boat out of the harbor, but we’ll probably catch up so we shrugged it off. Haughty? Yes. At the time of writing we have sailed 37 nm and are on a sharp tack in a good drive with PG at  the wheel. Based on that big smile he seems to be enjoying himself, perhaps it’s partly due to the fact that we are passing a sailboat who has forgotten that she has sails and uses a motor instead (also called irongenoa in boat terminology). We think he might be Danish and normally they sail well.. Had it been a Swedish Bavaria it would be understandable, but the wind is a little scarce and she's unable to keep the same height as Capraia. Is the tickling in the stomach dlight, I wonder?


We took a pit-stop on our way so grandma and grandpa (Marianne and PG) could meet their daughter Kristina’s newborn son, who is wise enough to settle down close to the ship lane in Trøndelag. Here we visited the local store and picked up some things for lunch (yes, including ‘lomper’ of course) and also some accompanying ingredients for the fish dish we are planning to catch a little later. Then the pursuit of the Danes commenced.


We’re hoping to reach Rørvik today. It’s 15:30 It’s still 23 NM. We’ll be arriving a little late today but considering that we have sailed quickly and smoothly all day tacking, on flat water, it still amounts to one of those fantastic sailing days. We have also put aside half an hour for fishing our dinner somewhere..

The bikes have found their peace in the aft cabin- by the way. They actually seem to thrive there. Now it's only a matter of finding a bicycle pump so that maybe we can try them on the trip. I think they would like that.

I’m back now after a little break. We promised fish for dinner, and fish it will be. The rods were out for a quick half hour. We first came across some haddock, which we already ate just a couple days ago, so we moved a few hundred meters hoping to find some sei, and sei there was. 15 small sei were duly worked into skin and bone-free fillets ready to feed some hungry sailors. We are currently using the motor for the last hour stretch to Rørvik; slicing through glassy water and feeling the warm air against our newly showered bodies (we have also showered today- by the way) . Life is good. We’re soon in port so this will be the last of updates for today.