Ironman + Hinterland Trip, Cairns, 8.-12.6. (eng) [pics]

Fri 8 Jun 2018 01:48
16:55.028S 145:47.178E
Ironman + Hinterland Trip
Mooring Carins, Australien
8.-12. Juni 2018
15nm (total 2018: 30nm)

Back in Cairns to sort a few more things out. The town is super busy as on Sunday, some 3.000 professionals and non-professionals will do the 180km bicycle tour along the scenic Cook Highway, swim 4km in the Coral Sea and then finish off with a marathon run. Some will ‘only’ do half the tour.  
I’m so in awe of all these amazing athletes. 
The day after in a restaurant I had the pleasure to meet Pam from California. She did it the third time and came in 3rd in her age group: 60-64 year olds! 
Even more in awe now… 

Also did a fun trip into the Hinterland and saw huge trees, volcanic lakes and did a little hike to the pretty Emerald Creek Falls. 
Even went out dancing one night! Quite a lively young crowd here, at 3am the streets were still full of people.