Ollie's Point, CR - 22.12.2012 - (eng)

Sat 22 Dec 2012 21:18
10:50.64N 85:47.397W
Anchored at Ollie's Point / aka Potrero Grande, CR

Had a very restless night with heavy gusts up to 50knots and smoke on the water. Re anchored twice in the morning in the search for a calmer spot, without much success. When the park rangers came and asked us to move as it is not allowed to anchor anywhere in this national park, we decided to give it a try to go to either Ollie's Point or Playa Coco.
Only sailed with the main, with the third reef in pretty heavy seas and gusts. Fortunately, much calmer here, gusts only up to 25 knots, often just a light breeze.
Unfortunately, not much swell for the famous surf spot, so might continue on tomorrow.

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