Sailing to Elchor Island, AU 56sm (deu/eng) [pics]

Sat 7 Jul 2018 14:26
11:57.570S 135:36.647E
Elchor Island, Northern Territory, Arnhem Land, Australien
7. Juli 2018

Sehr angenehmer Tagestoern. Die meiste Zeit ging’s entlang der Inseln von Raragala Island (Wessel Islands) 56 Seemeilen nach Elchor Island. Schönes, entspanntes Segeln, so richtig zum geniessen, im Bikini am Deck (und nicht unter Decken im Cockpit) - herrlich blaues Wasser, und sandige Steilküsten;
kam sogar dazu, paar Sachen an Bord zu erledigen (es gibt immer noch vieles zu tun, um Andromeda auf Vordermann zu bringen - bei dem vielen recht anstrengendem Gesegel der letzten Wochen kommt man nicht zu viel anderem - Segeln kann tatsächlich ganz schön anstrengend sein! 

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from my facebook entry: (more pictures there, too)
We're not quite in Darwin yet - but have unexpected internet, so can share a few more pics; crossing the Gulf of Carpentaria was rather boisterous for the first 24 hours - that kind of sailing when I wonder where's the fun about it, and you cannot move without at least one hand holding on to sth; but then the 2nd 24hrs were quite alright, and we had a exhilarating sail through the Cumberland Strait - 'only' up to 4 knots against us (apparently, it can be 14kn!) - but the wind against waves made for quite impressive standing waves; the anchorage on Guluwuru Island was very serene - perfect to relax and recover; next day we only sailed the 9nm down to the Hole in the Wall - the other pass through the islands, only 40m wide approx. Michael went to explore it with the snorkel - I settled for watching him from the dinghy; unfortunately - or not - not much to see; today we went another 55nm further south west to Elchor Island. There's a settlement and airstrip and I saw to 4x4 on the beach, but where we're anchored, it feels like in the middle of nowhere, with red sandy cliffs - and wifi 
tomorrow, we'll carry on our way to Darwin; 
so long!
entspanntes Cruisen:

nach 56 Seemeilen Ankern vor roten Sandsteilküste (Goragbi Cliffs) vor Elchor Island