Getting the boat ready for living and sailing, Cairns, Australia; 23.5.- 4.6.2018

Sun 3 Jun 2018 21:32

16:55.153S 145:47.106E

Getting the boat ready for living and sailing, 

Cairns, Australia; 23.5.- 4.6.2018

 We’ve been almost 2 weeks now in Cairns, cleaning the boat of mildew, getting all our stuff unpacked, repairing and replacing what needed, getting her ready to sail and bunkering food for the next six weeks to six months. 

Beautiful morning today in Cairns after another chilly night (around 13-15°;That’s cold on a boat :-)
Finally got one sail up: last night in the dark, just before dinner the wind dropped enough to put up the Genoa. Thought about doing the main sail too, but that is a bit of a bigger job, and much better with good light. And now there’s too much of a breeze again!