Flying Food in the Galley - Day 11, 17.4.2013, 0500h

Wed 17 Apr 2013 14:18
06:24.076S 114:17.810W
Flying Food in the Galley
Day 11, 17.4.2013, 0500h
about 1,430nm to go - are more than halfway now!

Though it doesn't seem like this at the firt glance, but this ocean does have a lot of life.
We caught another Mahi Mahi today. This time without the added shark chase excitement. Enough to feed four people, but still kind of small. And soooo pretty! Stevie and I were very tempted to release it into the waves again.
Surprisingly, every day, we've been seeing a bird or two, or a little swarm. Really wonder how some of these tiny creatures can make it so far from land - and back.
After a very wavy night, we also find a lot of squid on the deck. However, as they are not easy to clean, they go back into the ocean rather than into the pot.
And then, there must be thousands of little schools of flying fish. I haven't really counted, but sitting on the deck, you see them constantly flying out of Andromedas way when we approach.
Some get somewhat disoriented though. Rather than flying away, they fly directly towards us. And with what must be an acrobatic ability, one made it the other day above the railing, right through the hatch, and landed in the galley! Some people actually do it them, but we weren't tempted to do so (yet). Another one with amazing jumping/flying qualities even made it up to the top of the bimmany.
And last night, Michael had a little visitor in his bed. Poor Michael and poor fish. It was flapping around in his bed like crazy, and Michael had to hunt it down to finally be able to through it over board again. It left lots of scales and a rather fishy smell in the sheets. Luckily, a nice and clean sheet was already waiting on his cupboard.

Tonight, I was rather tired, as I didn't get much sleep last night, and though had a somewhat relaxed and slow day, couldn't catch up with my sleep deficit. After dinner, just before the shifts started, in the dark night and in a rather bumpy sea, we had to take the spinnaker down and set main and genoa, as the wind had finally come up agian. Fortunately, we've got a nice and bright deck flood light for these operations, but being very bumpy and rolly and the deck rather slippery, it was a rather exhausting operation for all of us. So I was still pretty tired and exhausted when my shift started. And I wouldn't have written this blog entry, if it wasn't for a flying fish coming in through the salon hatch. After a tricky chase of this slippery thing, I managed to through it still alive back into the water.
And then had to clean the scales and slime from floor and cushions. And with that action, I was awake enough to last well through my shift.

And now, it's time to go to bed again!

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