White Birds in the Night - 291nm to go - 21.3.2013, 04:40

Thu 21 Mar 2013 16:28
3:09.663N 86:36.618W
White Birds in the Night - 291nm to go
21.3.2013, 04:40

Last evening, the wind had finally shifted a bit and we decided to tack, hoping it would let us go more Southerly. However, once all sails set and on a navigable course, we were beating into choppy waves and with a course of 150 degrees not really going where we wanted to.
So - tacking again! Good to practice some maneuvers anyway....
However, shortly after, the wind died completely - and we had to motor anyway, this time direct course to Galapagos, 222 degrees.
Our steaming lights (much brighter than the sailing lights) seem to have attracted some hitchhikers. First, there was only one bird to port and another one to starboard. Seems word got around, and later there were 6 big white birds flying along our hulls. Wondering why they don't take the easy way and have a rest on the foredeck. But then again, flying is surely much more fun than sitting on the rocking boat, getting sprayed by the waves. Smart birds.

Earlier today, we saw some dolphins! But this time, they didn't come to play with the bow. We saw them more in the distance, and very now and then, one jumped out and did a cool twist or a backsplash. Soon, we realized they were all over the place, far off the bow off our port and starboard sides. And then suddenly, a whole bunch of them starting swimming and jumping synchronized towards a to us unknown purpose - maybe they were hunting? We'd only seen that in documentaries before, but though they were a bit far away, it was still very beautiful to watch.
Maybe I'll dream with these amazing creatures tonight!

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