On the way to the Galapagos! Las Perlas, Panama - 15.3.2013

Fri 15 Mar 2013 00:00


8:23.523N 78:47.770W

Las Perlas, Panama


The last 5 weeks have been extremely busy, getting Andromeda ready for the big trip.

First, 850 nm (approx 1.600km) to the Galapagos Islands, then another 3.000 nm to the Marquesas Islands, French Polynesia.

We just weighed anchor 1 hour ago and are leaving the Las Perlas Islands. I was even too busy for updating the blog, but have high hopes that we catch one last time an internet signal at the Southern point of Las Perlas, to post this potpourri of pictures.

Until the Galapagos, we’re only reachable via the sailmail.

Sooo tired from today’s work (we beached her today to paint the bottom) and are now motorsailing into the night.

Surely will have more time for updates during the next days on the ocean J


10.3. – after a month in Panama, we’re on the way to the Islas Perlas

Our crew for the trip to Polynesia:Jackie and

… Steve, two best friends from Belgium.

They helped us getting Andromeda ready for the big trip. We put in new impellers, changed engine oil, installed new batteries, put on new chafing gear on the shrouts, changed engine mounts on both sides, beached her in the Perlas and painted bad spots on the bottom, etc., etc. – the list is long and it’s great to have good help!


Shopping – we rented a car and bought in 4 days as much provision as we could stow on Andromeda. We won’t see a supermarket for a while, and the ones in Marquesas and Tahiti don’t have many things, or are very expensive.

The old cone clutch with a new bronze cone for the sail drive. It had started slipping and we needed to go through the Yanmar agent in Panama to get a new one, fortunately, still under warranty. However, long and weary process – until I contacted Yanmar Headquartes in Japan in my desperation – and three days later, we the new piece was installed, and working! Sooo happy not having to spend two or three more weeks in Panama City…

Installing the new Lithium batteries – they are working great!

8 old batteries – replaced by only 2 shiny new ones!
The engine mounts definitely needed a replacement.

This gentleman is 83 years old! And has 17 grand children. And still practicing chiropractice. He really helped Michael last year, but couldn’t do too much during this year’s visits.

Aaaaaaargh! Total computer failure. Just when we were leaving Panama City. Miraculously, Michael could fix it! Lots of electrical spray and giving it time to settle, it started again the following day. And still running.  Never give up hope!

Isla Contadora, Las Perlas. I spent two days in this resort to sort out some more computer problems with their fast wifi. At least, it was a very picturesque working place. However, a bit run down (the idyllic looking pool was green and full of leaves). But we learned, the Survivor series starts filming here, and they were in the process of fixing it up a bit.

The main halyard (Grossfall) needed some care – the guys made sure I’ll get up and down safely, while Michael put on this wetsuit to clean the bottom (bottome right)! It really is pretty cold here. Relatively that is, of course…



We also had a little bit fun at times: Carnival in Panama City

Two great people from another boat – unfortunately, their plans don’t lead them across the Pacific. But we had some fun nights together in Panama, thanks guys!

Finally out in an isolated anchorage again.


The fisherman like it here, too. Four boats met up and spend a relaxing day with nice music.

3.3.2013 Weekend Trip to Taboga. Only 1 hour sail away from the City. However – also cold water – and very popular! We were surrounded by 20 motor yachts, each with a loud speaker

It’s been pretty fresh (20-25 deg Cel air and 16-20 deg Cel water!). I’m wearing a jacket again!. So we decided to skip Cocos Islands with their cold water and try to get to warm French Polynesia as fast as possible.