Isla Cano, 10.5.2012

Fri 11 May 2012 01:07
8:43.088N 83:52.111W
Isla Cano, Costa Rica
10. Mai 2012

I see a black wall in the distance towards land, and every no and then, the sky lights up really bright.
So just a quick note before thunderstorm and lightning arrive here:

Not much surf at Matapalo. And also, we were pretty tired still from the day before. Plus Michael should really rest more with his back anyway. Had a nice morning on the beach though. It was quite a struggle to get to it, because the tide was still pretty high, going out, and the ground before the beach extremely steep, so the waves broke right on the stony beach. Anyway, had a nice time and a little walk around. Nice houses and cabanas there. Even saw several pairs of parrots flying around!

Weighed anchor at 10:00 and sailed most of the 47 NM to Isla Cano. We could even set the spinnaker and caught a tuna! Very pleasant sail.
Arrived just before dark and found a nice anchorage, well protected from the swell.

Isla Cano is a Nature Reserve and has amazing diving. Maybe we'll make it tomorrow for one dive...?

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