A Day on Andromeda

Thu 9 Dec 2010 22:04
Woke up with quite a bit of a headache. As that doesn't happen so often to me, I started wondering whether it might be decompression illness from all that diving. But then again I really didn't dive that much and especially not very deep.
So maybe it was just the last beer last night. Strange, cause I only had two, but - who knows...
Had a little celebration on board yesterday with my fellow divers (from Germany and Switzerland!) and the two instructors.
The guys organized some cold beer and pizza and I played water taxi.
Amazing how much slower our little dinghy is with four tall big Germans aboard!

Was really looking forward to a little sleep in cause left the boat the last days everyday at 7.30/8.00 but woke up early anyway. With the headache I really didn't know where to start. A little Yoga and Meditation for a clear mind, a refreshing swim or even do my excercises which I have neglected for a week? Decided to go directly for breakfast. A nice hot cup of tea, toast and egg and maybe a relaxed breakfast in the cockpit sounded pretty promising, especially since the rain was taking a brake and the sky looked pretty blue for a change.
But first, I had to get the cockpit ready, cause due to the rain late last night, I had put up all the cushions and the table was also still up. On my knees I let the table down - and got a close look of the floor. Carefully peered under the floor mats - and was pretty startled. I've got no clue how it could have gotten that dirty again in only 1 week - especially with me being alone here spending most of the time at the dive shop. It is a real mystery to me. So I got the new mob I discovered in the supermarket yesterday in Coxen Hole, after having been to the dentist, and started my day cleaning.
Shortly after, a heavy rainfall started and I thought it is a great opportunity to wash off all the flies and flying ants of the deck.
There was absolutely no wind at all last night and we had many visitors from the shore. The light even attracted the local Barracuda (The guys didn't mind and went for a night swim with him, but I was happy seeing it had left this morning...)!
Luckily, I had closed the lids of the tanks so no rain water with dead flies would enter.
Mobbing the deck in the pouring rain was quite a challenge as the flies really stick to the antigrip surface and when mobbing them away leave long black lines. I wonder why never is as easy as it sounds. In the end I went for the deck wash and rinsed everything. After all, it's gonna keep raining and I'm sure we won't run out of water anytime soon.
So I left the bucket in the sun to dry and went to continue making breakfast. Just in time I heard the upcoming wind banging it off the stern - so went for a dive and had a quite refreshing morning bath. Now, the wind really picked up and was hauling with 20 - 25 knots. So I had my shower, gave my hear a nice wash and finally had my breakfast.
Since it was windy and sunny, I decided it would be a good day to get some washing done. Had to charge the batteries a bit more anyway (though wind and sun are finally generating some energy again, also, but wanted to be on the safe side).
So I started the generator and washing machine and got distracted by all the dirt on the machine and the ceiling in the aft cabin. Since you've got all the fishing lines out, I took advantage of the great access and finished that job.
Wanted to put some stuff in the cabinet of the port aft cabin, and since I didn't have time to finish that the other day it got a good cleaning, too.
Right, and then I wanted to look again for a cel phone and the right charger and started to dig in the drawers of the nav desk - and had another little good morning encounter with a cockroach!
Really wonder what it was doing in between the glue and the adhesive tapes and batteries.
So that little creature went flying overboard and then the 4 drawers got a good cleaning - guess they hadn't seen that for quite a while anyway. Now, all three spare cel fons and chargers along with all the rest in the drawers are well clean and organized :-)
But unfortunately, the Honduran sim card doesn't seem to be working on either of the fons. So I have to go back to town and find the guy who I bought it of and exchangen it.

Had decided to wash the shopping bags along with the other stuff - was surprised to find we've got 15 of them!! Well, they're all clean now, ended up doing two machines, even.
Hanging up the wet stuff with 25 knots wind and quite big waves for this sheltered anchorage (can see a great surf beyond the reef - guess there are now divers out today!) was quite a time consuming challenge, but at least I managed to get it all done without any items flying away.

As usual, pretty amazing how a day passes. Just had my lunch at 3pm and now will head for Michaels cabin and head and give them a thorough needed cleaning before going to town and the internet cafe.

It's such a great sunny and very windy day outside, wish I could kite or surf to enjoy it.
But sooner or later, I'll be learning that, too.
For now, I'm looking forward to my first advanced diver class tomorrow at 8am.

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