Nightshift and feeling a bit chatty - Underway - 17.3.2013, 03:00

Sun 17 Mar 2013 19:37
5:45.141N 81:07.696W
Nightshift and feeling a bit chatty - Underway
17.3.2013, 03:00

Funny, I don't feel tired at all yet. Maybe because this shift has not been as exciting as last night, when we were flying along with the big spinnaker and 7.5 - 9.5 knots, at the maximum of its wind capacity, and rather wavy seas. Instead, I had time to start investigate more about our stay at the Galapagos and catch up with some mails. And when I sit on the notebook, the time just seems to fly, even without internet. Amazing.
After one hour, the wind had picked up (a little bit, from 4 to 7 knots) - enough for me to try to set the screecher. And as the seas are pretty calm, I decided to let the boys sleep and try it alone at night. Usually, we always have one person at the bow making sure the roller furling line coils up nicely around the drum. It's so much line, that it easily gets all jammed up at the top of the drum, and then the screecher gets stuck. So it was a bit exciting to try it myself. Dark night, slippery deck from the dew, two lines, and a big sail. Just enough excitement to really wake me up - much better than coffee! - and nice, because all went well and we are doing maybe half a knot more. Not much, but every little bit helps.

Tonight it's astonishing warm. I came prepared with fleece and vest, but ended up with a T-Shirt only! Kind of moist and humid. The water temperature is up to 74 Fahr./24 Celsius - that makes a big difference. It even lured us into a little jump in in the afternoon - but we hadn't taken into account the jelly fish risk. And got prompt stung several times, so the bath got reduced to a minimal pleasure. Shame. Hope the swimming and water situation will improve on the other side of the Pacific....

Oooops, wind has dropped down to 4 knots and the screecher needs some attention.
Better go to bed, too.
Buenas noches!

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