This is it (eng) 17.5.2011

Tue 17 May 2011 21:17
9:20.2405N 82:10.6570W
Red Frog Marina, Isla Bastimientos, Bocas del Toro, Panama
16.5.2011 - ???

We arrived well in Bocas del Toro after 4 days sailing and enjoyed the weekend at the anchorage in front of that nice layed back backpacker town.
Yesterday, be took Andromeda to the marina where she will stay for the next months.
Unfortunately, they are having a major problem with the internet here and I still cannot upload any pictures.
But at least the shore power works and we can have air condition.
Outside it's hot, humid, often cloudy and lots of mosquitos and no-seeums. But apart from that a truly paradisic spot with tropical beaches and lush shore lines.

We're working pretty hard in getting Andromeda ready to leave her alone. So glad we have enough time to do it Michaels way (which is relaxed) and not my rather hectic last minute one.

In the beginning, one air condition kept shutting of, it had problems with the sea water intake. So I dove down to push some water up the through hull - and now it's working well. With all the work we have to do aboard, the aircon really is a blessing.
Unfortunately, the port engine problem turned out to be a major issue and we will have to have her hauled out when we come back to Panama. In the meantime, I have to dive underneath the boat and put a plastic bag around the propeller. Can't wait for Michaels ear to get back to normal! But at least it's good training - the other day, I dove down to 35 feet - couldn't believe it myself!
The alternator of the starboard engine is having a major problem, so we have to take that out and back to Boston with us. Which is a bit of a double bummer cause apart from being a lot of work, it is also rather heavy. And maximum baggage allowance with Air Panama is 35 pounds/per person. So, sorry folks, but don't expect many Caribbean souvenirs this time!

Also, major general maintenance is due for both engines so Michael is busy with that.
Before stowing away the head sails we measured the genoa. After 9 years it's time for a new one.

I really don't expect many more excitings things to happy here (apart from maybe a fun full moon night on the beach today....?), so this might be the last entry for a while.
So, this is it for now!

.. to be continued in a few months....

PS: However, will try to catch up with some picture entries from Cuba and Grand Cayman.

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