Cayo del Rosario (eng) 26./27.4.2011

Thu 28 Apr 2011 01:42
21:36.4896N 81:53.4945W
Cayo del Rosario

We found a little cut in the reef and Michael maneuvered us carefully out to the deeper waters. It might have been possible to move on the inside, but many shoals would have might the trip quite an adrenalin one. The wind was good and this way we had a lovely little sail. So good that we went even further than planned and found a nice anchorage behind a little reef on the eastern coast of Cayo del Rosario. Unfortunately, snorkeling wasn't that great as a storm must have destroyed a lot of the reef. Lots of lose corals and fans lying on the ocean floor. No lobsters, probably too rough for them. However, the Barracudas don't seem to mind, they are just everywhere we go, always curiously checking us out.
The water and the coastline look spectacular. Lovely long white beach and white rocky lime stone formations. Upon getting closer though, we were shocked about the amount of trash lying around. Plastic bottles, shoes and flip flops everywhere. Someone before us must have been inspired by this and started a little trash monument mobile to which we added some more trash.
The trash must have gotten washed ashore together with many pieces of wood - just perfect for an ideal bonfire. So just after dinner and sunset we took the dinghy and a few cold beers ashore, gathered all the tree stomps and branches around and enjoyed a lovely fire, til we fell asleep.

The next morning a good breeze of 17-18 knots were blowing and gave Michael a great two hours of kiting in the huge bay. At noon we sat sail to take advantage of the lovely wind to reach Cayo Largo, the last island of this chain of Islas Canarreos where we also have to check out before leaving for the Caymans.

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