2.3nm further South - El Coco, NI - 12.-14.12.2012 (eng)

Thu 13 Dec 2012 23:34
11:09.284N 85:48.253W
Three bays and 2.3nm further South
El Coco, NI

We are progressing in small hops. Yesterday, we moved 0.5nm south to Playa Yankee. Known for its nice surf breaks - that is, if there's any swell, which it is not.
Had only a few tiny fun rides with the boogie board, nothing for the surfer at all. But little stingy critters in the water. Thought my body is getting immune to them as they did not seem to leave any traces on the skin. However, the next morning at least 15 little itchy spots have grown on me. Lucky Michael who does not seem to get more than a momentary itch. Fortunately, a cream I had found in San Juan seems to keep them in place.
Found some Nicaraguan Cordobas in my pocket (bad, bad, girl, usually it's Michael who that happens to), so we moved to El Coco where there are some beach restaurants to spend them in tonight. And tomorrow, now finally off to Costa Rica!

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