Benao, Panama - 2.-4.1.2013

Tue 5 Feb 2013 00:12



7:25.663N 80:11.449W


Benao, Panama


At Had left Jicaron at night of February 1st and had a bit of a crazy and wild sail, with gusts up to 38 knots and a pretty dark night.

On top of all, the drum of the roller furling of the Genny broke and we had too much sail out.


So we had to run with the wind, directly South, off our course, and Michael managed to roll in the Genoa with the hand.

In the morning, arrived at a somewhat sheltered beach at the Southern coast and stayed there for a night to recover.

Wind around Punta Mala all the way up to Panama City or Las Perlas looked pretty bad for the next days, so decided to go only the 25nm up to Benao.

Which turned out as a lovely anchorage for a night.


Now, wind looks better and will set sail and hopefully arrive tomorrow evening still with last daylight somewhere at the Las Perlas – 100nm to go!



Along the Southern coast of Panama

We actually had a nice sail for the 25nm from the open roadstead anchorage.

Michael McIver could fix the drum and even found a good way to put a barber hole on the reefed Genoa, sailing really well now!

Benao at Sunrise

Sunset over the hills of the Southern coast of Panama






Trouble in paradise…

Not always only sunshine here.


Since I’m reacting to jelly fish & Co, I already put on a rashguard, and some tights for swimming! However, in the surf, one got underneath all the garments and this is the result…

Found the only thing to work is Lidocaine, to take away some itching.


Any other suggestion…?!?! Getting tired of this…