Andromeda's Blog Continues - Back in the land of Oz, back on Andromeda!

Thu 3 Aug 2017 23:54
27:52.172S 153:20.000E

Back in the land of Oz, back on Andromeda!
It’s been almost 24 hours since we got back to the Boat Works Marina in South Port.
After 20 hours flying, and 1 hour driving south from Brisbane, 25.5 hours door to door, we arrived somewhat exhausted but very happy to say that all in all we had a smooth travel. 
And Andromeda is in pretty good shape. 
She’s been on a hardstand for the last 7 and a half months. We had prepared her well for possible strong storms and I had cleaned most cabinets, walls, doors, etc. with vinegar. And then we also left the sunpacs (with formaldehyde powder) laid out to prevent mold growth. 
At first sight, the insides looked great. However, there are turning out more and more spots that do have a thin, sometimes thicker layer. We have so much wood on the boat and there’s a lot of condensation as the nights seem to be around 12degC, in the day comfortably 22-24 degC  - comfortable , though the chilly breeze makes us want to get ready asap and head to the warmer north. 

After one day working on her, we already feel our achy bodies, but fortunately, we could find help with waxing fiberglass and the stainless and for a new coat of antifouling paint of the hulls. 
Today, they’ll move her to the working area, Mon + Tue she’ll get the bottom paint - and hopefully, on Wed we’ll get back into the water - and hopefully, ready to sail then!
So far, everything we’ve turned on has been working, but there’s still much that can go wrong - as we remember from last year!

So, off to work! People here start early. The first workers arrived at the marina at 7. Makes sense, as daylight is from 6 - 6 at the moment. 

Yaiks! Jucky, jucky, jucky…. It’s alive!