Stop over in San Jose on the Way to Andromeda (eng) [pics]5.-10.1.2012

Thu 5 Jan 2012 12:00

9:41.5553N 84:13.2713W
San Jose de Costa Rica
5.-10. January 2012

Almost there! Instead of flying through Panama City, went through San Jose in order to visit Bill, Michael's friend from school who opened a restaurant there.
We had found a lovely place to stay in the mountains south of the city with a stunning view of San Jose. We really recommend airBnB!
Enjoyed hikes to the volcanoes and the entertaining night life with Bill.


Beautiful San Jose surrounded by Volcanoes

Driving is rather adventurous due to the complete absence of street signs

many houses are very poor and simple, but some owners have a lovely sense for design

example of extremely friendly and helpful 'ticos' - not sure how I could have missed the foot deep gutter, but with the help of these nice men we were out in 3 minutes and fortunately without any damage.... !

Trip to Vulcano Poas

Trip to Vulcano Irazu

Hike through the Dschungel to Waterfall of Rio Birris

These leaves are HUGE - I feel like Alice in wonderland

Absolutely goregeous Hotel Resort with Zoo: "Waterfall Gardens" at Poas

Getting prepared for the Dangerous Night Life – and showing Michael what else my xmas present is good for, in case he gets some funny ideas looking at the beautiful ‘Ticas’ (Costa Rican women); our hosts got a good crack out of this scene!

Dinner with Bill

Bill's BBQ, better known as "Costillera del Gringo"