Es Geht Weiter - The Journey Continues! - Mopelia, Fr. Polyn. - 6.9.2013

Sun 8 Sep 2013 00:40

16:46.647S 153:57.226W

Es Geht Weiter - The Journey Continues!

Mopelia Atoll, French Polynesia



We decided to continue our approx 2000nm to New Zealand and left lovely Maupiti.

An overnighter took us to the last place in Fr. Polyn., to the Mopelia Atoll.

It took us about 24 hours for the 103nm. Though the winds were very light, we could fly the spinnaker the entire time and with little waves we had a very, very slow and calm sail, doing 3-6 knots (with apparent winds as low as 3knots). Hardly felt like sailing!


Mopelia looks pretty much like the atolls in the Tuamotus and there are even pearl farmers here – last chance for black pearls!

It’s Isabella’s from SV Cariba birthday today, on the 7th – and mine on the 8th.

Since I’m born in Germany shortly after midnight, and considering the 12 hours time difference, technically, it’s already my birthday, anyway.


So we are organizing a big combined beach party with games, music and guitar on the beach – just what I had wished for!

There are about 10 boats in the anchorage, and ears dropping on the VHF radio, it sounds everybody is cooking and preparing something good.

Cariba has even caught 10 lobsters on the outer reef last night.


So all great for a nice party – which hopefully will last longer than the usual ‘cruiser’s midnight’, which is around 20 hrs…


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