Cayos Cocos Banderos, 17.2.2012

Sat 18 Feb 2012 11:51
9:30.7931N 78:37.5113W
Cayos Cocos Banderos
17 Febrero 2012

After 5 lovely days with our friends in the “swimming pool” anchorage in the Eastern Holandes, we moved on and met up with them in the Cocos Banderos Islands.
Two of the Kuna Indians that own the island North of our anchorage at the Eastern Holandes (used to be called BBQ Island, now renamed to Turtle Island) have been waiting for 3 days for the little transport motor boat to come by and take them to Nargana and later to Panama City. However, it hasn’t showed up today, either. Just as the fruit and veggie Kuna boat, that should have come by yesterday or today. I’m running out of ideas as to what to cook without veggies…. Maybe we’ll start a Kuna diet: Rice, fish and coconut….
Anyway, they asked us to give them a ride, or better, a sail to the Cocos.
It was just a short sail of 6.7nm, however, the teenage son has never been on a sailboat and after his first scare, he very much enjoyed the ride.
A dolphin gave us a spectacular show coming in the cut in the middle of the Cays, having a jump twist in the huge swell that’s coming o\in. Beautiful!
Though it’s rather crowded (there are about 10 other boats!) it's also very lovely and we’ll stay here for a few days.

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