Anchoring out on the way to our summer shelter, El Salvador (eng) [pics!!!] 5.6.2012

Wed 6 Jun 2012 07:05

13:10.532N 88:33.356W

Anchoring out on the way to our summer shelter

Peninsula San Juan del Gozo

Las Flores, El Salvador

5. June 2012


Stayed here over night so we could do the last 4 hours the next day and arrive at the estuary in time to surf in with high tide.


Looks kind of cool, but is hard work. And surprised they still find fish. Leaving Las Flores, we saw about 7 of these trailers.

Beautiful coast line. The clouds built up a lot more during the evening and we enjoyed a spectaculous thunder and lightening show for two hours, pressure wash for Andromeda inclusive.
Fortunately, our ion diffuser on the mast seems to work well. Just heard of a fellow cruiser (the nice couple from Santa Elena) that their boat got struck in Playa del Coco, CR… shame

Fish for dinner J

A long, long beach... and very flat, but with beautiful volcanoes in the background. Kind of relaxed place to anchor, feels a bit like in the middle of nowhere…