Grand Cayman: Tracy, Carnival, Island Tour (eng) [pics] 30.4.-1.-

Mon 9 May 2011 11:00

19:18.4467N 81:23.3271W

George Town, Grand Cayman



We’re picking up Tracy at the 7-mile beach at the Ritz

Relax and enjoy

Tracy’s favourite place – the beach at the Ritz!

Not the most private anchorage – a cruise ship or to a day is normal!

Lobster and Champagne – this is how we treat our guests!

Grand Cayman Carnival “Batabano”

with Zoe, a friend we met in Guatemala and is living here with her boyfriend Janek

Exploring the island in Zoe’s jeep: East coast at the 7 Sails Wreck

Anchoring at the south coast

Rum Point in the north

Famous boaters hangout on Sunday: Reminds one of Peanut Island, West Palm Beach