Kurrimine Beach, Queensland (deu/eng) [pics]

Thu 2 Nov 2017 03:34
17:47.762S 146:5.733E
Kurrimine Beach, Queensland
29. October - 2. November 2017

Sometimes, it’s just easier to quickly post a picture on Instagram of Facebook. 
But since some of our friends are not on those social media, I tried to find a way to easily enter those posts in the blog. Even had some hope that it would give me a solution with finding a good way to post these html blogs from my Macbook mail program (that really did work so much easier with Word and Outlook!). 
Anyway, result is not that fantastic, and way too time consuming, but here we go:

Ankern ein paar Tage vorm Festland weil wir Internet brauchten, um ein paar Sachen zu erledigen. 
Und dann kam sogar etwas Wind. Reichte für 20 Minütchen. Leider hat unser 14m kite gestern den Geist aufgegeben - er ist in meiner Hand beim Starten zerplatzt! Unglaublich.... 
We finally, finally thought we had the yellow 14m kite fixed (there were quite a few setbacks) - and had it all ready to go - and then it burst in my hand when launching Michael! Unbelievable… Fortunately, it happened on land and not in the water :-)
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Beautiful spot to wait here. Ordered a new motor for windlass.

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We had motor sent to the Caravan Park - and it arrived 1 day early. We were so exited to pick it up, forgot about tide status - it's very, very shallow here... — at King Reef Resort.

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Der alte Motor geht in Ruhestand. Hätte nie gedacht, dass ich mich mal so über einen neuen Motor freuen würde. Eingebaut, und funktioniert! Musik in meinen Ohren 🙌 — in Kurrimine Beach.

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