Fakarava, 12.-14. June 2014

Sun 16 Jun 2013 07:47
16:03.765S 145:37.811W
12.-14. June 2014

Went to the Northern pass as this is where the supply and ferry ship comes to the dock which the guys are taking to Papeete.
Had we known earlier that it also stops in the Southern pass, we would have come through there. Much closer from Tahanea, where we were, and also everybody tells us about the amazing drift snorkel and dives in that pass, with lots of sharks. Shame.
Surely we'll see that somewhere else.

Did meet two Mexican boats which we had briefly seen in the Marquesas and spent a lovely evening with them on Andromeda. After about a month of solicitude, nice to have a little party again!

Michael gave the anchor winch another try as the last fix didn't last very long. Very unfortunately, without any success....
Since we anchored in 33"/10m deep water, I couldn't just pull up the anchor chain with my hand. Michael dove down to the chain 3 times to attach a hook on a line that I could tie around the winch at the mast to winch it in.
Not the most convenient way to weigh anchor, but it certainly works, at least in light winds.
Very much looking forward to the spare parts arriving to Papeete!

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