Day 3 to Minerva Reef - 420nm done, 430to go

Tue 3 Jun 2014 03:08
30:22.178S 177:18.617E

We are making great way and in a little more than 2 days, we already did 420nm.
That is through the water. Often, we've had 1/2 knot to 1 knot current against us, so it is still about 430nm to go - in a straight line over the ground, that is.
The sailing has been good and if all continues nicely, we can reach South Minerva Reef sometime during the day on Friday.

This whole night, we had the spinnaker up and apart from a few squalls with high winds and was very smooth sailing.
Until a minute ago, it was a warm sunny day and Michael just enjoyed the lunch in the finally dry cockpit - when another big squall came. Grey and wet now.
At dawn, we had changed to a reefed main and genoa and will probably put another reef into the main for the night as the winds are supposed to pick up more.

Fortunately, we got a comfy and dry salon, and it's not freezing cold in the night anymore (literally freezing, Monday and Tuesday morning there was ice on the marina dock!). Water temp. has already risen from 57 to 65 deg F.

Apart from some seabirds, even Albatrosses, and an occasional rainbow we don't see much. Still waiting to catch a fish!

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