Playa Marbella, CR - 3.1.2013 (eng) [pics]

Thu 3 Jan 2013 21:13
10:05.380N 85:47.190W
Playa Marbella, CR

After a few lovely days in Tamarindo, we set sail again, heading further South.
However, the wind stopped around noon, so after only 17 nm, we dropped anchor in front of this long, quiet beach.
The sail was short (only 2.5hrs) but great again, with wind from 16-28 knots, with Andromeda doing up to 9.5 knots!

We even were lucky with the fish this time and will have fresh tuna tonight!
A bit bumpy here, and unfortunately no swell for even a little surfing, but we've got lots of work to do, so good to dedicate an afternoon to that.

Amongst others, the generator had stopped producing electricity - AGAIN! In the middle of running, it just stopped. So this nightmare continues. Michael couldn't find an easy fix, so it's now either the diode - or the new windings... Trying to get a diode shipped now from somewhere in the world. They are difficult to come by on a short notice. And then, we'll have to lift the 200kg heavy piece out of its bed again...
So the new year starts with a little bit of trouble, but still pretty wonderful here in Costa Rica.

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Dark but beautiful long beach.

JPEG image

We had changed the lure - and got lucky this time! :-)

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