Drifting through the Night - 54nm to go - 23.3.2013, 04:30

Sat 23 Mar 2013 10:45
00:09.297N 85:59.104W
Drifting through the Night - 54nm to go
23.3.2013, 04:30

We were moving in slow motion towards the equator, with screecher and light winds, gently gliding through the night.
And just now, 10nm before the equator, the wind died completely. Okay, there's a tiny breeze of 3 knots and a little current is gently pushing us westwards.
Happy about another relaxed shift and some good sleep earlier.
This is the 8th night sailing, will arrive to the Galapagos island San Cristobal somewhere tomorrow during the day. As expected, water temperature is slowly dropping again - but still have some comfortable 78 degrees.
Sooo much looking forward to the sea lions and turtles, and hopefully will make it for a dive trip. Will see when we get there.

Went up the mast again today as high as the spinnaker halyard took me, to put up a temporary block for the main halyard. Now we can use the main again, only with the second reef, but better than nothing. Just need a little bit wind now...

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