Toao - 14.-16. June 2013

Sun 16 Jun 2013 07:47
15:57.561S 145:51.970W
14.-16. June 2013

Had a lovely little sail with the spinaker to the next atoll, Toau and went straight down to the SE corner. We had heard there are soft sandy beaches!
Unfortunately, our source wasn't very precise and we only found the typical spiky rocky corals on the beaches.
However, the next day we moved a bit more up. Seems like a little clan used to live here. Found some children toys, a little miniature quad with an engine - for 6 year olds! - a variety of houses one with a bar, one like a dorm, another like a little house, old boats - and some tools to open coconuts!
And eventually also, a lovely sandy and very wide beach.
We also explored the outer reef and hopped over the bordering wide and relatively soft coral heads to snorkel around. The wide flat seabed filled with a carped of corals looks really familiar by now.
Also saw a couple of sharks and again had huge curious snappers following us around.

The Mexican boats arrived to an anchorage further North later that day and came over in the evening (about 2nm by dinghy!) for a bonfire.
It was a spectacular night, with absolutely no wind, no waves (the water was flat like a mirror), and hardly any sound from the outer reef behind the palm forest.
A wonderful night in great company.

Tomorrow, we want to go to the Northern part of the reef and meet up with some friends - if there's any wind...
Very still right now. Weird. No water sound, no waves, not even a ripple, no wind in the rigging - just stillness. Dead quiet. Very unusual. And beautiful.

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