Surfing with Andromeda - Puesta del Sol, El Salvador (eng) [pics] 5.6.2012

Wed 6 Jun 2012 07:37

13:18.073N 88:53.505W

Surfing with Andromeda

Surfing einmal anders – mit Andromeda

Marina Puesta del Sol, El Salvador

5. June 2012


Timing was perfect and we had an extremely smooth ride into the river. Almost too smooth, felt kind of disappointed after hearing all kind of exhilarating stories from other cruisers.

Anyway, we’re safe and happy at the dock now and received a very warm welcome from the other 6 cruising boats, including a welcome cocktail delivered to the immigration office, our first stop. Nice place.

Now we’ve got 8 days to get Andromeda ready for leaving her for 4 month, during rainy and hurricane season, and without dehumidifier…

Hope all will work well!


That’s where we are supposed to enter. Doesn’t look like much, but we’ve seen huge waves breaking while waiting for the pilot.


And there he is, on his red jet ski.

Well, it’s spring tide and high tide, meaning these constructions are surely not always under water – but at least twice a months! So why not build a bit further inshore one wonders…  there seems to be sufficient space… Will investigate ashore.