Passage direction Whitsunday Islands [pics] (eng)

Mon 21 Aug 2017 09:00
20:47.605S 148:44.997E
Passage direction Whitsunday Islands
Brampton Island
Goldsmith Island

I really, really meant to blog regularly this trip - but between boat work, 1 exhausting sailing trip (no way to type during that passage!), hardly ever wifi and being somewhat exhausted, I just haven’t managed - so far… 
Will try to update past 3 weeks and blog regularly from now on!

We had left Southport on Friday 18th and arrived after 535nm, 3 days and 5 hours at Brampton Island. 
The wind was ‘good’, so we made our way north as far as possible. 
After very smooth sailing for the first few hours followed 2 nights and 1 day of a super rocky ride. 
Despite going with the wind, the 30-45kn true wind had whipped up the seas. Also, they were somewhat confused and bumpy so close to shore, so it was a fast and rocky ride with not much sleep. 
We saw up to 15.5kn going through the water, even up to 17 surfing down a wave! 

We often got waves over bimmany and saw we have a few more leaks here and there, fortunately, nothing major, but all seems salty inside and out. 

Around coal port Gladstone, massive fires (probably sugar cane burning - though the smoke clouds were gigantic). before sunset gave a somewhat armageddon feeling and weird colors in the sky and on the water. 

We often saw whales in the distance and once enjoyed the company of some big dolphins playing at sunset along our bows. 

The last day, things had calmed and we put the spinnaker up. Unfortunately, eventually, we had to tack it and something got tangled when wanting to let it fly again, it got caught on one of the solar panels - and ripped - pretty badly…. :-(
Not sure if our sowing machine will be able to manage that. 

We just spent 3 days at Brampton Island, got some good nights sleep, enjoyed the hiking trail on the deserted Island/National Park. 

Now off to Goldsmith - no wind, but it’s only 10nm - and we have suddenly wifi under way!
Hopefully with less and less work and more and more time for fun and exploration :-)

(Für alle Lieben daheim: werde versuchen, demnächst alles 2-sprachig zu produzieren, versprochen! :-))