Kiting in Raroia Atoll - 15.-18.5.2013

Sat 18 May 2013 08:12
16:05.148S 142:22.522W
Kiting in Raroia Atoll

We crossed the lagoon on the 15th and went to the other side of the atoll. We started to go down the direct route, but a local came in a motor boat and told us that it's not allowed. There are many black pearl farms all across the lagoon. They are well marked and easily detectable, but they must had bad experience as they made us go all the way back along the marked path to the entrance of the atoll, and then cross.
We anchored behind the long reef wall, with little islands, some merely little sandpiles like pearls on a chain. The wind is blowing strong from the east (17-24 knots) but we are well sheltered from the ocean swell in pretty flat water.
The water is beautiful, warm, blue, clear - and without any jelly fish or other stinging things! The little coral heads along the shore are teaming with little reef fish and few snappers and groupers.
Good place to catch up with some boat projects (we are having major problems with the windlass and the wind generator, and some other small stuff).
And finally, the perfect spot for kiting! We need our reef shoes and a blue tarp to lay down the kites to inflate them, as the 'sand' is mainly little old hard sharp pieces of coral.

Anyway, a wonderful place to relax, work and kite!

Saturday, we'll move to the Southern part of the atoll where we've been told that there is soft 'pink' sand - sable rose the locals call it.

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