On the Way to Cay Caulker (eng)

Thu 23 Dec 2010 18:00
17:36.4351N, 87:48.0817W
23. December 2010
Turneffe Islands, Belize

We left Long Cay in the morning heading North towards Cay Caulker, planning to find a sheltered anchorage North/West of Turneffe Reef, as we need good midday light to get through the reef East of Cay Caulker.
Wind was blowing 18-24 knots and we had a great sail with 5-8 knots. As there were many rain showers East and West of us, the wind kept turning a bit back and forth so one of us had to always have a good watch at the helm.
With all this wind and clouds it got quite fresh, definitely not a bikini sail - Michael even got his wind breaker jacket out!
Even though we had to turn on the engines on for the last miles, we were surprised by a group of dolphins playing along the bow and doing funny turns in the air - beeeeeeeeautiful!
It was really hard to find a sandy sheltered anchorage in between hundreds of coral heads but on our third attempt, we got lucky and had a quiet, peaceful and solitary night out on the reef.

Friday morning off to Caulker and some civilisation!

Merry Christmas do everyone!!

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