Sailing back to Isla Mujeres 22.3.2011 (eng) [pics]

Tue 22 Mar 2011 15:00

21:14.76N, 86:44.75W

Isla Blanca - Isla Mujeres, Mexico (11.4nm)



Great wind, great sail. Top (boat) speed showed 9.5 knots!

The 20knot wind pushed the waves up into the reef forming impressives foam and water walls.

Aproaching Isla Mujeres, the wind got a bit fluky giving the autopilot a hard time, so we switched to manual.

Northern tip of Isla Mujeres (pictures pointing East (above) and South (below)

Almost feels like coming home, so much time we’ve spent here. All the other boats in the anchorage and the marinas.

Wegen des relativ guten Internetsignals haben wir gegenueber von Marina Milagro geparkt – gleich neben der Fahrrinne. Taeglich kommen hier mindestens 10 dieser Partyausflugskatamarane lang, mit lauter Musik und lustigen beschwipsten Kunden. Welch ein Kontrast zu unserem ruhigen Ankerplaetzchen von Gestern.