Bahia Carrillo, CR 17./18. 5.2012

Fri 18 May 2012 16:31
9:51.998N 85:29.762W
Bahia Carrillo, CR
17./18. May 2012

After 57.5. and 10 hours under way, mostly motoring, we reached a big sheltered bay. Me just missed the last daylight but thanks to the good chart found our way well avoiding the rocks at the entrance. Shortly after anchoring, a torrmentous thunder storm broke lose with lots of lightening, thunder and rain. Quite a spectaculous. However, the storm also brought a big swell and Andromeda, lying sideways to it, got tossed around the hole night, and we with her.
At daylight, we found a little calmer place and will try to get catch up on sleep later.

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